Upstate New York woman reunites with daughter after 82 years

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LONG ISLAND — It was a reunion 82 years in the making.

"All this time, and now I'm finally going to see her again," said Lena Pierce.

Lena Pierce is 96 years old. She's a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, who is now thinking back to 1933, when she was 14. That's when she gave birth to a girl in a Utica Hospital. Her name was Eva May.

Six months later, her baby was taken from her because the state told Pierce she wasn't old enough to have a child.

"So there was a lot of times I worried about her, and wondered where she was, " Pierce said.

Eva grew up on Long Island as an only child. Her adoptive parents named her Betty.

"My adoptive mother died when I was 21, and my father died a few years after. So I've been on my own all this time," Betty said.

Now after 50 years of searching, Betty found her mother. And Lena found her Eva.

With clues to her past, Betty began looking online searching through

A call was placed to the Utica Hospital where she was born in, which lead to her birth certificate, and her mother's name.

There were 82 years of wondering, searching and hoping, but 82 years that were well worth the wait.

"You know it came through ... and she was alive ... and my God, I had been talking to her on the phone and it was like it's all gone! My life is complete at this point," Betty said.

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