#StickerKid upstages everyone at Iowa Caucus, becomes ‘real winner’ of night

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IOWA — When it comes to Monday night’s Iowa caucuses, there were some losers, some winners and then just one hero who rose above it all.

As Hillary Clinton addressed a crowd of supporters, she was video bombed by the man Twitter has now dubbed “Sticker Kid," thanks to his mugging for the camera with a face full of stickers.

His name is Peter Clinkscales and he’s a Drake University student who found himself at the right place, at the right time, telling Mashable:

"I saw that a presidential candidate was going to be at my university and I thought that I should go see that presidential candidate at my university."

He not only saw that presidential candidate but Clinkscales completely stole the limelight, becoming a trending topic on Twitter and making a slew of headlines where he was declared the “real winner” of the caucuses.

What’s even more ironic— he’s not even a Clinton supporter.

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