Nyack considers adding alcohol breath tests at school functions

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NYACK, N.Y. — The Nyack Board of Education is set to discuss a plan to try and prevent high school students from drinking at school functions.

The Journal News reports that the school district has been discussing a proposal for months that would involved bringing Breathalyzers to school-sponsored events including dances.

Only students who were exhibiting signs of being intoxicated, like slurred speech or impaired motor skills, would have to take the test. The student would be given two tests 10 minutes apart in a private location by a trained administrator.

If the student were found to be drunk, they'd be sent home and subject to further disciplinary action. The school could also penalize the student if they appear to be intoxicated and refuse to take the test.

Parents and students have had mixed reactions to the proposal.

The proposal will be discussed at Tuesday's board meeting.

If passed, the plan would make Nyack the first school district in the lower Hudson Valley to require breath tests.