Suitcase exchange spotted in Brooklyn leads cops to 51-pound pot bust

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Police from the 68 Precinct pose with dozens of pounds of marijuana found in a bust. (DCPI)

Police from the 68 Precinct pose with dozens of pounds of marijuana found in a bust. (DCPI)

BAY RIDGE, Brooklyn – The smell of marijuana and a broad-daylight suitcase exchange led police to a massive marijuana bust in Bay Ridge Wednesday.

Around 1:15 p.m. police watched two men park near 92nd Street and 5th Avenue, get out and exchange suitcases.  After driving away, officers pulled over the two men, saying they smelled a “strong odor of marijuana” coming from the cars.

Under questioning, Adham Deeb, 31, admitted that both suitcases were packed with pot, according to police, who then arrested Deeb and Majdi Mansoor, 34, both from 4th Avenue in Brooklyn.

While searching their cars, officers found 20 pounds of weed in the cases and a bag of cocaine in the central console of Deeb’s car.

Deeb confessed during further questioning that there was another stash at an apartment at 525 W. 28 St., where police found another 11 pounds of marijuana, two additional mason jars filled with bud, two scales and a notebook outlining financial transactions.

Deeb was charged with possession of marijuana and criminal possession of a controlled substance, and Mansoor with criminal possession of marijuana.


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