Residents report feeling ‘tremors’ in New Jersey and Long Island after sonic boom

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NEW JERSEY – Around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, tremors shook south New Jersey and other parts of the East Coast, briefly sending residents into a panic.

The shaking was so strong that some called 911 while many others took to social media to report the phenomenon.

Tweets and Facebook updates flooded in, but experts from the United States Geological Survey initially couldn't explain the shaking and had no evidence of an earthquake.  USGS officials finally identified the cause of the 'tremors' as a sonic boom near Hammonton, N.J.


Some Twitter users are even reporting tremors in Long Island and Connecticut.

New Jersey State Police say that they are investigating the reports.

Another department asked people to stop dialing 911 after people began tying up the emergency lines:

The USGS confirmed that the shaking was due to a sonic boom originating 3 kilometers northeast of Hammonton, New Jersey.

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