Mountains of plowed snow plague Newark streets and sidewalks, residents say

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NEWARK, New Jersey – Newark residents still digging out from tons of snow are now dealing with a new problem.

Mountains of plowed snow are now blocking streets and putting their lives in danger, residents say.  They're also complaining that emergency vehicles can't get through.

"It's ridiculous, a lot of streets are full with a lot snow; a lot of people are complaining I know the mayor is not doing anything," says Maria Decruz.

A gigantic pile of plowed snow was dumped at the end of her street, blocking the popular intersection of Scott and Mulberry.

"At the end of the street a women is handicap parking spot so imagine if it's an emergency, the ambulance can't get her out of there," Decruz said.

Newark's Mayor says the city is working nonstop to clear roads and eventually has a plan for these piles, but that could take a while.

"There's obliviously thousands of tons we've carted but we have to find a place to put it.  We can't through it in the river.  But we are carting thousands of snow a day," said Mayor Ras Baraka.

So for residents there are stuck with what looks like a huge igloo shutting down there block.

The city has set up a number for people to call to get snow removed, it's (973) 877-9260.  Newark residents say they've called it, but so far no results.