Elementary school principal dies saving kids from bus crash

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INDIANAPOLIS – A beloved elementary school principal was killed saving the lives of several students as a school bus came barreling toward them.

On Tuesday at 2:45 p.m., a school bus lurched forward and Principal Susan Jordan was able to push several students out of the way before she was fatally hit, the Indianapolis Fire Department tells WPIX’s sister station WXIN.

The bus driver and 25 students on the bus were uninjured. However, two children, both aged 10, were transported to Riley Hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries, according to WXIN. They have since been listed in stable condition.

Amy Beverland Elementary School did not have class Wednesday. Jordan was the principal at the school in Lawrence Township for 22 years.

The school has asked that mourning members of the community donate books instead of flowers.

The Lawrence Township Board of Education said, “Susan was an amazing educator. She had a remarkable way of making everyone she came in contact with feel valued and important. She had a passion for children that is unmatched.”

Social media posts show Jordan was a cherished and admired member of the community.

“Mrs. Jordan was a personification of vitality, and was the leader that the students loved and needed her to be,” Reddit user Drunk_Biochemist wrote. “I was not surprised to hear that she was getting students out of harm’s way when she was struck. Along with those students she has likely saved the lives of many others in one way or another.”