Sunset Park man mourned after found dead in car buried by snow

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SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn -- A Brooklyn man is dead after allegedly getting trapped inside his car by a plow.

Family members say by the time they found Angel Ginel inside his Lexus, it was too late.

"It hurts so bad,” said Angel’s wife Ramonita Ginel. "He was such a good husband, good father, good grandfather. He helped everybody that needed help."

Ramonita and Angel had been together for more than 14 years.

The couple would have celebrated their second wedding anniversary next month.

But after going out to shovel snow Sunday night, Ramonita says Angel went missing.

"I was calling his phone and calling his phone. No answer, nothing."

She tried contacting friends and the local police department. But it wasn't until the next day a friend suggested she check the car.

"When I came towards the car, I seen him laying there and I started calling him and banging on the car, 'Angel, Angel, Angel. Wake up Angel.' But he wouldn't move, I didn't see him breathing."

It’s still not clear exactly what happened, but the family says Angel had already dug his car out from Saturday’s blizzard.

But by the time they got to his car snow was piled on the side once again. The tailpipe was packed with ice and the windows were frozen shut.

"Like he tried to push the door open to get out, but there was so much snow piled up in front of the door that he couldn't budge the door,” said Angel’s stepson, Edwin Morales.

When Morales finally shoveled enough snow to get the car door open he says the car was still running and Angel's cellphone was sitting on a charger.

"He always was there to talk to when I had problems. He was the only one that understood me. And now that he's gone it's just hard."

On Tuesday, plows from the 72nd precinct were circling the neighborhood and officers checked cars for blocked tailpipes.

But the family says someone should have been following the plow that trapped their beloved husband and father.

"He was plowed in with the snow, the car was on, he was dead, frozen. I miss him so much."

The Department of Sanitation had no comment on the situation and the medical examiner was yet to determine an official cause of death. But Angel’s family believes he died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ginel leaves behind two children, two stepchildren, and five grandchildren.