Snowed in by a snow plow? Whitestone residents question city drivers

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WHITESTONE, Queens — "Frustrated isn't the word."

Linda Anderson isn't alone.

A number of residents along 169th Street in Whitestone, Queens had their blood boiling after city plows came rolling down the street Tuesday afternoon.

One wouldn't expect the plows to produce this kind of reaction, "Oh my god!"

But they did.

However, you might be asking yourself, "Why such a holy response after all the news about the lack of plows in Queens?"  The reason?  The residents around here did what homeowners in the city are supposed to do, which is clear out all the snow from their sidewalks.  This said, they all watched their work disappear in a matter of seconds, "Sanitation is trying to clear the street, so whatever snow is in the street they came down with the plow and they pushed all the street snow onto the sidewalks to the lawn lines of all the houses," said Anderson.

Now they are all back to square one.  In the case of Felix Majna, he is out the investment he made a few days ago, "$120."

For Joe Fichera, seeing the plow coming down the street and making their work all for not made the great dig out of 2016 seem almost personal, "A truck came down the block, it's almost like he did it on purpose. He came right along the curb and put all the snow back on the sidewalk."

PIX11 News did reach out to the city's sanitation department for comment.  The agency failed to get back to us.