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Sanitation commissioner explains slow-going in Queens after blizzard

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NEW YORK — Days after the Blizzard of 2016 stopped dumping a historic amount of snow on the region, Queens continued to dig out from underneath a blanket of white.

"We have made tremendous progress out there," Department of Sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia told PIX11 News Tuesday morning.

As of 7 a.m., she estimated a "handful" of streets were still in need of plowing.

Queens, the largest borough geographically and home to some 2.3 million residents, was the hardest hit by the storm with about 30 inches falling at Kennedy Airport.

Garcia said the slow blizzard recovery amounts to a "tremendous" amount of snow that fell, and when it comes to narrow streets in the outer boroughs, crews have to use smaller equipment which then was overwhelmed by the amount of powder that needed to be moved.

In addition to the slushy, impassable streets, residents have criticized the PlowNYC app for telling a false story about plowed streets.

Garcia acknowledged that the signals may have experienced problems, but that overall it worked well.

"I think it was incredible effective and it's part of the reason that in the overnight, in the early morning hours of that storm, I knew that I had an issue in Queens," Garcia said.