Meet the snow laborers who are cleaning up the city after the blizzard

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NEW YORK -- As New York City digs out, the plows can only do so much.

It also takes old fashioned shoveling to get everything moving again.

And for that, the city has put out a call for snow laborers.

"Let me do a little good for the city and in the meantime I get paid for it," Moustafa Haggagi, a college student from Queens, said Tuesday in Bayside.

Haggagi and hundreds of other New Yorkers signed up to remove snow from intersections, bus stops and fire hydrants. They get paid $13.50 an hour.

"They are working all over the city. We ended up getting more than 1,700 in today. So, a much better number than yesterday where we were just shy of a thousand," Department of Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said.

According to the Department of Sanitation, the snow laborers will be hired until the all the necessary spots are clear.

While Haggagi will be putting the money he earns towards books and school, Brian O'Connell said it will put food on his table.

O'Connell, currently unemployed, is in elevator construction. Shoveling is hard work, but he said he's used to working outside. He appreciates the job.

"The snow is wet, it's heavy. We did a lot of shoveling," O'Connell said. He said he will be back tomorrow. "If they'll have me, sure, it looks like the work is out here."