Department of Sanitation says 99% of NYC streets have been plowed

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NEW YORK — The Department of Sanitation says 99 percent of city streets have been plowed following Saturday’s historic blizzard.

A spokesperson for DSNY said Tuesday that 1,726 snow laborers worked with the department to clear 7.25 million tons of snow spanning 99.5 million cubic yards.

The snow, which reached 26.8 inches in Central Park, saw a maximum of 34 inches in Jackson Heights.

The department reports that nearly 100% of Queens streets and Staten Island tertiary streets have been plowed.

Residents in Queens, the largest borough geographically, felt their streets were neglected in the cleanup process.

Department of Sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia told PIX11 Tuesday morning that a "handful" of streets were still in need of plowing.

"There is literally nowhere to put it and that's true across the city," Garcia said.

More than 900 pieces of DSNY equipment are in Queens Tuesday including more than 200 front end loaders.

The amount of snowfall in New York City would fill Yankee Stadium 468 times and the entire Empire State Building 171 times.