Officers save kitten from car wheel well in Brooklyn

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BROOKLYN—Officers came to the rescue of a kitten after it got stuck in the wheel well of a car.

On Monday at 12:35 p.m. officers Christopher Rinelli and Kenia Marte were flagged down by a driver, Geraldine Cassone, at the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Sherman Street.

Cassone told the officers that she saw a black kitten run into the street causing traffic to stop. Once she got out of her car, she saw the kitten run into the wheel well of her vehicle.

The officers began to search for the kitten and found in the undercarriage of the car. They used a jack to lift the car and removed the wheel where the kitten was.

Officer Rinelli was able to remove the kitten and carefully placed her into a towel. The kitten was cold and damp, bot otherwise appeared to be unharmed.

Cassone took custody of the two-month-old kitten and said she plans on adopting her.