Frustrated Staten Island residents left to plow their own streets after city fails to clear them, they say

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STATEN ISLAND — Staten Island residents are heated Monday because streets around their neighborhood are still blanketed with inches of snow, nearly three days after the weekend blizzard passed through the area.

The snowstorm brought over two feet of snow to the tri-state area and was the second-largest snowstorm to hit the city in recorded history. On Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city's Sanitation Department is working to clean up the roads.

However, Staten Island residents aren't pleased with the pace of the cleanup and have reported that many parts of the borough still haven't been plowed Monday.


Some are even forced to remove the heavy snow and ice on their own. The hard labor cause some to injure themselves, sending them to the hospital.

"I just got out of E/R, now back home for shoveling too much — I thought I was having a heart attack," Staten Island resident Louis Garcia told PIX11 News.

But the biggest gripe from residents is towards the city's Sanitation Department.

"I don't like the snow plows they blocked your driveway and your car [with snow], even when they tell you don't put it in the street," Maria O. Reyes said.

Reyes said she feels the city should consider a better method to plow and remove the snow from the streets, such as placing them in trucks to be dumped elsewhere.

Staten Island residents aren't the only people who have been outraged by unplowed streets. Many parts of Queens, from Middle Village to Jamaica and Woodhaven, still have roads completely covered in snow. Viewers called PIX11 News Monday to report their streets that are still unplowed and impassable.