Florida woman threatening suicide tells police her dead baby is in a freezer

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HOMESTEAD, Fla. — Authorities say they found a baby boy dead in a freezer at a South Florida home following his mother’s suicide threats.

The Miami Herald reports that 37-year-old Paola Vargas-Ortiz remained under mental evaluation at a Miami hospital Wednesday.

Authorities say Vargas-Ortiz was poised to jump from the Seven Mile Bridge in the Keys Sunday afternoon when she told them that she had tossed her 4-month-old son in first.

Paola Vargas-Ortiz told Monroe Sheriff’s Deputy Rosa DiGiovanni, “I was bathing it and it slipped out of my hands,” the report says.

When DiGiovanni asked her what “it” was, the woman replied: “My baby was a boy.”

Wildlife officials and the U.S. Coast Guard conducted a brief search before she changed her story.

After Monroe County deputies took Vargas-Ortiz into custody, officials say she told them the child was actually dead in a freezer. Homestead police went to the woman’s home and confirmed that the child’s body was there.

Medical examiners will determine a cause of death. No charges have been filed.