Blizzard in New York region: How much snow will fall and when will snowstorm start?

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Forecasts are generally on track for a major snowstorm to pound the tri-state region.

As the storms reforms off the Carolinas, it is expected to strengthen as it passes south and east of the region and slams Washington D.C. and Baltimore with its full fury. With wind gusts along the coast to top out at around 50 mph, a Blizzard Watch has been issued. Further inland, a Winter Storm Watch has been issued as winds are not expected to be as bad. Another aspect of the storm to monitor will be the coastal flooding that could be borderline major in some cases.

The snow will start moving into the city early Saturday — after 6 a.m. in the city — and will become heavy, with blizzard conditions, during the afternoon and into the evening. Winds will gust to 50 mph. That, with along the snow, will reduce visibilities, making it quite dangerous to travel.

Based on the latest models, the city will get around 6-10” of snow. South and west of the city will be higher and be in excess of a foot. Further east, out on Long Island, there could be a little mixing that could lower amounts by a touch. Areas north of the city may get considerably less —  a late 50 mile shift of the track could easily change the snow totals.

Another area of concern is coastal flooding. The waves will pound the shore for several high tide cycles starting on Saturday morning. The Saturday morning high tide could put a 3-foot storm surge across the Jersey shore. By Saturday evening, the high tide will be a problem on the shores of Long Island and the city. The tides could bring in 2 ½ -4 foot surge that could bring moderate to localized major flooding along the coast.