Tourist sexually assaulted in hotel elevator in midtown

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MIDTOWN—A 20-year-old tourist was sexually assaulted inside a hotel elevator last week by a stranger who quipped, “What happens in New York stays in New York,” police sources said.

The suspect started pestering the woman as she rode an elevator inside the Courtyard Marriott/Central Park on Broadway and 54th Street around 3:30 p.m. Friday, police said.

She tried to get away from him by getting in another elevator on the 35th floor, but the man followed her into second elevator telling here “I’ve always wanted to kiss a girl in the elevator,” as he kissed her on the mouth, police sources said.

The victim pushed the suspect away and left the elevator to get ice, but the suspect followed her down a hallway, where he grabbed her breasts, she told police.

The suspect told the victim, “What happens in New York stays in New York,” police sources said.

She told the suspect to stop and walked away but he tried to block her by standing in front of her. She managed to run past him and ran into the stairwell to get back to her room, police said.

The victim refused medical attention. Detectives are still searching for the suspect.