Massive search effort underway for missing Passaic, N.J. woman

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MAYWOOD, N.J.— Hundreds of volunteers are currently scouring Bergen and Passaic counties for 22-year-old Devorah Stubin of Passaic. She is petite, and has brown hair and hazel eyes. She was last seen on Friday night in Maywood during a traffic stop.

“She received a summons for driving without headlights. She said she was lost. The officer gave her assistance,” said Maywood Police Chief David Pegg, “And thats the last that anybody saw of her.”

After the stop, police say she did call her mother, but she never showed up to pick up her brother later that night.

Stubin was driving a beat up 1998 silver Mitsubishi Galant with the New Jersey license plate: K40 FPH.

“There is tape around the sun roof on the top, and also the antenna has some orange tape and duct tape. It’s a very old beaten up car,” said volunteer Moshe Zahler.

Hatzolah, a volunteer EMS group serving mostly Jewish communities, is coordinating the massive search, along with law enforcement. Many volunteers drove from upstate New York or from Brooklyn to partake in the effort. They have been searching block-by-block in a grid formation, checking waterways and parking garages for Stubin’s car.

“The sad part is she could be around the block, but she could be 100 miles away,” said Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino.

Police say they’ve been unable to track her by phone, her credit cards have not been used and her EZPass or license plate has not pinged any regional bridges, tunnels or tolls. Police also say she has not checked into any area hospital. Some friends say they are worried about Stubin’s pre-existing condition of epilepsy.

Friday night into Saturday night is usually observed as the Jewish Sabbath, where use of electricity and driving is prohibited. But the group of mostly Jewish volunteers searching for Stubin said that all bets were off.

“If there is a life at stake, we need to take care of the life first,” said Zahler, adding that they will continue the search for as long as it takes.

Anyone with information is urged to call Passaic Police immediately at 973-365-3900.