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Fort Worth lottery player tumbles down construction hole on trip to buy tickets

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FORT WORTH, Texas – One lotto player in Fort Worth, Texas may have the worst luck in the world after falling into a giant hole while trying to buy tickets.

Or depending on how you look at it, maybe he has the best luck in the world, because he's still alive.

The Fort Worth Police Department posted this photo to its Facebook page showing officers rescuing the 67-year-old man who vanished after he left his home to walk to a nearby store to buy a lottery ticket.

Authorities say family members became concerned as day turned to night and police were called to the home.

After an extensive search, the man was eventually found "lying in cold water" at the bottom of a seven-foot construction hole.

Aside from being scared and cold, the man was reported to be in good condition.

No word yet on if he still plans on buying a ticket.

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