Facebook post with incorrect math says Powerball jackpot will solve poverty

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NEW YORK — It's another example of "before you share, be aware."

Amid Powerball fever, which is now at $1.4 billion, a Facebook post has now gone viral.

And that noise you hear is a collective sigh of sadness from math teachers all over the world!

Take a closer look. The post from the band Livesosa, which asks everyone to share, shows a math explanation on how winning the Powerball jackpot could solve poverty in the U.S.

The intention and heart is in the right place. But the math? Not so much.

Many who didn't take the time to whip out the calculator didn't realize that if you followed the posts equation, it works out to a cool $4.33. Barely enough for coffee at Starbucks.

Livesosa later posted another version, this time with Steve Harvey's face behind saying, "hope I gave the world a good chuckle this a.m. Stay positive my people."