Brownsville residents continue to be on edge as police search for last suspect in gang rape

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BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — Four teens, between the ages 14 to 17, remain in custody Monday night pending charges as police continue to investigate the brutal gang rape that happened Thursday in Brownsville's Osborn Park.

Resident Vera Reid has lived in the neighborhood for 70 years. She did not mince words when she shared her thoughts on the heinous act that allegedly happened there.

"It's not really a playground. The people think it is, but it isn't. It's just something to harbor criminals in it," Reid said.

"It's past savage. It's inhuman."

Reid, who said officers in the 73rd Precinct refers to her as "Mama Reid," said she understands the devastating effect street violence has had in this section of Brownsville. In 2012, her granddaughter was a victim of gun violence.

The theme is a familiar one for so many — wrong place, wrong time.

This is similar to the rape case which has authorities still searching for one alleged perpetrator. Reid said the stranger-danger alleged to be behind this case has made it a concern for the entire area.

"Now this is everybody business. They made it everybody business. It's my business," Reid said.

Meanwhile, the NYPD continues its investigation and already has lineups convened or preparing to do so.

Borough president Erik Adams has also spoke out on the violence.

Forensic psychologist Dr. N.G. Berill said he has seen cases in the past where a small crew is more likely to commit a crime rather than simply one person

"Individually each component, each person might not be all that off, might not be psychopathic or sadistic but if you put teenage boys together something terrible can sometimes take place," Berill said.