Gang rape at Brownsville playground resurrects terrifying memory for neighbor

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BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — As police investigate the rape of a teenage girl in a Brownsville playground, residents are in shock at the ages of the suspects.

Four of the suspects, all teenagers, are in police custody in connection to the rape of an 18-year-old.

As police search for the fifth suspect, Brownsville resident Tahirah Gocher feels old wounds being opened from the case.

"You kind of lose yourself," said Gocher, who was raped as a teenager. "You want to lay down and die."

Gocher said the man dragged her into an alley when she was 19 and raped her at gunpoint.

She lives just a block from Osborn Playground where five teens allegedly raped an 18-year-old Thursday night.

Two of the suspects were turned in by their parents after surveillance video showed the group in a nearby bodega.

The youngest suspect is just 14.

The playground is right next to a building housing four schools. Jenelle Tinsley is a counselor there, who spoke to her students Monday about the incident.

“I just really hope that parents and anybody in the community are just waking up to understand that there’s a bigger calling here,” said Tinsley.