New Yorkers dream big as Powerball jackpot hits $900 million

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YONKERS, N.Y. — You are never too young to dream.

Whether it's toys, a house, a vacation, or simply retiring. Most are willing to pay the $2 lotto ticket cost for a chance at winning a $900 million even though the odds are against you at 1 in 292 million.

Yonkers Avenue has turned into an avenue of dreams. According to the New York lotto, Dan's Tobacco, Convenience and Stationary store is the has the most wins in the tri-state area, handing out millions to players last year.

A scratch-off winner scored $4,000 just last week. And word about their success has gotten out.

This Powerball jackpot began on Nov. 7, 2015 at $40 million and has rolled over 19 times leading up to Saturday’s $900 million jackpot.

Officials say since it began, New Yorkers buying Powerball tickets have contributed more than $44 million in aid to education.

Believe it or not, some say if they do hit the jackpot they are definitely willing to share a piece of the winnings.

Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The largest Powerball jackpot to date was $590.5 million, won in Florida in May 2013.

Players can still be a  winner even if they don’t take home the jackpot prize.

The second place is $1 million for matching the first five numbers or $2 million if they paid an extra dollar for the Power Play feature when they bought their ticket.