Who came up with the $100 doughnut?

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn -- Big foot. UFOs. A $100 doughnut.

Do they actually exist?

The jury may be out on a couple, but on Wednesday PIX11 News discovered that the latter does indeed exist.

However, who would come up with such a thing?

"I came up with a $100 doughnut," said Bjorn De La Cruz, a self-trained chef who was born in the Philippines.

As for those who might think it's gimmicky?

"It is gimmicky, that is the thing. It's supposed to get attention, obviously. It's gold on a doughnut! Let's not be coy about this," said De La Cruz with a chuckle.

De La Cruz and his half-brother Samuel Ware both operate the Manila Social Club in Williamsburg. The tiny restaurant opened last spring and celebrates the Filipino heritage of the two brothers through cuisine.

One item in particular that has been well embraced is the Ube.

"It's a Filipino ingredient. It's a purple yam that Filipinos use in so many desserts and everything like that."

The Ube is a purple yam and the frosting the brothers have produced from it has been a signature attraction on the nights when they host "Donut and DJs."

However, with the latest creation, De La Cruz didn't just take it one step further. He took his recipe and added a dash of vintage Cristal, some 24 karat gold edible flakes along with gold dust, slapped a $100 dollar price tag and elevated the donut to a completely new tax bracket.

When asked if they had any donuts lying around?

De La Cruz responded, "I do not. Not at the moment because we are getting ready close the orders and we will make them tomorrow morning before they go out tomorrow afternoon."

As for Ware's take on the sensation surrounding his brother's creation?

"There is kind of contention around putting gold around a donut and selling it for $100 dollars and without people having the knowledge that we are a really small place, we are family run, it's kind of just a fun thing for us. We don't want to be misconstrued in that way."

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