Tips to stay warm as dangerous cold pushes through tri-state area

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MINEOLA, N.Y. – Wasn't it just a few days that it was 70 degrees? That was 2015.

It's now a new year and a new weather pattern. Luckily, this frigid forecast is short-lived for now.

The wind chill makes this weather especially dangerous though, at times it will feel like sub-zero temperatures.

And that means anyone who's sick and the elderly are most at risk.

Even so, everyone should be prepared to face winter's wrath this morning.


And your first line of defense will be dressing for the cold – something we haven't had to do since last March.

When it's this cold, your body will try to keep your core warm, meaning a lot of blood will be leaving the extremities and heating essential organs.

So make sure to layer up! Several layers of lightweight clothes will be your best bet.

And don't forget the pets! Bring them inside and if they can't, make sure they have enough shelter to stay warm.

Inside, if you're using a space heater make sure anything flammable is at least three feet away.

Also, remember, your stove is for cooking, not for heating the house.

Finally if you're using a generator, it's always worth  reminding folks to keep it out of the house, including the garage.

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