Mother who lost 2 sons to gun violence praises Obama’s gun control order

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NEW YORK — Angel Hendy is a mother to four sons.

She lost her oldest and youngest to gun violence in a span of only 2 years.  Today, Hendy said she found some comfort as she watched President Obama make a powerful move.

Sidestepping Congress, the President is extending his executive actions to expand background checks for gun purchases and also to make clarifications to existing gun laws.  But here's what the administration is not doing:  It is not banning gun sales to those on no fly lists and they are not limiting the number of bullets or amount of ammunition being purchased by individuals.

That last point is instead one some local New York lawmakers are trying to cover in local legislation.

Senator Roxanne Persaud along with Assemblywoman Jo Anne Simon said they're not trying to prevent the law abiding person from buying guns or ammo, but they do believe how much is sold should be controlled.

"When San Bernardino happened, we felt compelled to do something because if it happened in San Bernardino yesterday it can happen in New York today.  We're trying to prevent someone who just has a shot gun and goes to the store to purchase ammunition from buying 6,000 rounds of ammunition for an AK47," said Persaud.

The legislation has yet to be introduced and both Persaud and Simon say it is still being refined and improved upon.

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