Howard gets subway workers compensation claim back on track

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QUEENS — Werner Schuler has a small home in Queens. And he credits the MTA for that fact.

“Honestly, New York City Transit has been very good to me. It’s afforded me to buy a little home here you know and a life that I never thought I’d really have,” Schuler said.

But Schuler's patience with the MTA is wearing thin over a long overdue workers comp payment. Schuler hurt his knee at the Stillwell Avenue station in Coney Island in 2008. He was out of work for 54 weeks. He won his grievance. But after more than six years, the MTA still hasn’t paid him all he’s due.

Schuler: “On September 3rd of this year we won again.”

Howard: “So why won’t they pay you?”

Schuler: "They just won’t…They don’t respect arbitration decisions.”

Howard: “They’re just saying Werner go away?”

Schuler: “Yeah, pretty much. Go away. Give up. We’re not paying you.”

So after fighting for about six years now…. Schuler emailed me.

We got on the phone with the MTA, exchanged a few emails and next thing you know, Schuler's lawyer had a little surprise waiting for him before his next scheduled hearing.

“They had it waiting for me. It was a miracle…$2,105 after taxes…I’m overjoyed,” Schuler said.

And we’re happy, too. Happy to help Schuler wrap up his case before it stretched into another year.

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