McDonald’s Christmas Event To Remember

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(New Jersey) – It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so McDonald’s of Jersey City, located at 428 Grand St., brought Christmas to their  hometown! The 3nd annual “Jersey City Toy Drive”’ is bigger and better with more trends, tons of donations, & everything that Kids love! Hosted by Love & Hip Hop New York’s very own, Yandy Smith-Harris, Hot 97’s DJ Bobby Trends and red carpet coverage by digital correspondent Jamer Pond.



This year, sponsors: “Raising HOPE Organization” and the “Oasis For Haiti’s Children Organization” were included to help out for the event.

Raising H.O.P.E (Raising Hopeful Orphans Pursuing Excellence) serves as a non-profit charity organization developed to address the needs of orphans, less fortunate children, and children with special needs in the continent of Africa and within the African Diaspora. Thier Mission aims to ensure that the basic survival, health and educational needs of African children are met and that all beneficiaries of Raising H.O.P.E. are closer to integrating into their communities, becoming productive members of society, and living life to its maximum potential.

In 2015-2016 the Raising HOPE Organization provided 1-2 orphanages or youth/child centers within the African Diaspora with resources that will allow for increased access to technology, toys, special equipment and other and items essential for healthy physical, social and educational development. While doing so, they also raised awareness to educate 400+ health care professionals and caregivers in Sub-Saharan Africa on the signs of Autism/related developmental disabilities and possible approaches to symptom management.


The Oasis for Haiti’s Children is a non-profit organization providing the youth of Trianon and Grand Boucan in Mirebalais a healthy environment, thus increasing their opportunities to enjoy physical, social and intellectual activities and instilling in them the values of becoming productive and self reliant individuals.​ The Oasis For Haiti’s Children is the first Recreational/Athletic Facility in Grand Boucan/Trianon , two small villages with a combined population of six thousand people.  This is an agricultural community located North of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.The Sport and Education Center was created as a haven for youth in the community, alleviating the struggles of everyday life following the devastation of the 2012 earthquake.


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