Woman allegedly kills victim, leaves body on couch for days as ‘shrine from God’

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PHOENIX, Ariz. – Police say an Arizona woman is responsible for murdering another woman and leaving her body on a couch for several days as a “shrine from God.”

On Saturday, police responded to reports of a dead woman laying on a sofa in an apartment at 1515 W. Missouri Ave., according to FOX10.

Anitra Braxton, the apartment owner, allegedly told police no one was in her apartment and that she lived alone.

However, police saw what appeared to be a body on the couch, corroborating previous reports, and got a search warrant.

When they returned, police discovered the body of the victim was covered with a towel and had a gunshot wound to the head, FOX10 reports.

According to FOX10, Braxton, 39, told police the victim on the couch was a “shrine from God” and that the body belonged to Braxton. Later, Braxton allegedly said the victim was shot in the eye for not believing in God.

According to the Associated Press, the victim had been dead for three days and may have been pregnant.

Police told FOX10 that preliminary investigation showed that the apartment had been cleaned after the body was placed there.

Braxton was arrested and charged with first degree murder and is being held on a $750,000 bond.

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