Hoverboard advocates fight to make them legal in NYC; Bratton calls users ‘out of their mind’

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EAST HARLEM -- At the Wagner Houses in East Harlem, "hoverboards" are better known as "Skywalkers."

Did these teenagers need time to master this balancing act?

Of course.

Parents and children across the country continue to give critics a reason to push for a hoverboard ban -- and stars, like former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, show us what not to do on a hoverboard.

Even movie stars like Russell Crow vent their anger over not being able to board a plane with their family’s spontaneously combustible hoverboards in tow.

Now, the voices criticizing them are just growing louder.

Especially here in New York City.

“Quite frankly, I think anybody who buys one of those things is out of their mind," Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.

"So if you want to expose your family to that, good luck to you. As well as the two to three hours it takes you to try to learn to ride the damn thing. You gotta put your helmet and your elbow pads on because you’re gonna be banging into a lot of things. We live in an extraordinarily crowded city, we have a hard enough walking down the street - let alone hovering down the streets.”

But force or no force, riding those Skywalkers on the street or public places are currently illegal.

“Hoverboard, electric unicycles. They’re not cars, they’re not motorcycles. So why are we treating them like such? It doesn’t make sense. And that’s why we want to make sure that if you can buy them in New York, you can legally use them in New York,” said New York State Senator Jose Peralta.

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