Image on church window resembling Virgin Mary draws dozens of spectators

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Marietta, GA — What may seem like a foggy window at a catholic church in Marietta is drawing dozens of people from all over Georgia and even moving some to tears.

Many believers say it’s the image of the Virgin Mary.

We spoke to the Priest at Transfiguration Catholic Church who told us the silhouette is most noticeable during sunny days.

He believes it isn’t damaged glass and he says it’s not a doctored image.

“There are a lot of people that may think it’s a stain or condensation. They ask if I drew it,” says Father Bernardo Molina. “No, no, no. There’s no way you can do that.”

Father Molina says the image first appeared on December 12. That’s the same day Catholics celebrate the appearance of another image of the Virgin Mary in Mexico City, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Since then, church members tell CBS46 that dozens of people have been pouring in daily to view it.

Visitors are leaving flowers, building a makeshift alter, praying to the silhouette.

One woman we spoke to says she firmly believes it’s a Christmas miracle with a message.

“Believe, believe and have faith,” said Maggie Schupp in tears.

Glass engineers have said in the past, images like this one are caused by a chemical reaction and corrosion, but have no explanation for why it takes the shape it did here.