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Backstage on Broadway: Sophia Anne Caruso loves Christmas, shopping vintage, and her dark role in ‘Lazarus’

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“I just enjoy being on stage," Sophia Anne Caruso said.

Sophia Anne Caruso is an artist through and through.

“I’m my own person, I think everyone’s unique," she smiled.

She's a young girl, just 14, with an old soul.

“I love vintage clothing so I’m always shopping vintage,” Caruso said as she showed us her closet. “I scored on these Gucci’s, which I got from Buffalo Exchange for like 20 bucks.”

Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, this actress, singer and dancer began her career like so many: in a hometown production of 'Annie.'

"I loved auditioning so I just kept going to auditions and eventually continued booking work,” Caruso explained.

Four years ago, she and her family moved to New York so she could pursue her dreams.

“The business is a tough business especially to break into in the New York area, it’s very competitive,” she said.

Caruso quickly made a name for herself landing roles in 'The Sound of Music Live,' TV's 'Smash,' and multiple off-Broadway shows, like Ruthless! The Musical, which is where we first met the rising star last year/

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She's taking on a new challenge now, in the show Lazarus alongside Michael C. Hall at the New York Theatre Workshop.

“It’s the David Bowie musical and it’s a pretty crazy show but I’m really enjoying it,” she smiled.

It follows an alcoholic alien who comes to Earth seeking a way to bring water back to his home planet.

“It is dark and twisty but that’s what I specialize in,” Caruso laughed.

Her schedule makes it nearly impossible for her to be a typical teenager.

"I go to an online academy [and] before I start a show I’ll get really ahead so I can just focus on the show,” she explained. “I have straight As in everything, I think it's important to be intelligent.”

But during this time of the year, her youth shines through.

“My mom used to put up gigantic trees in our old house," she remembered. "We’d have friends over for Christmas and we'd all open our gifts. But when we moved to New York,  well New York is very tiny apartments so we didn't have room for a big tree so this is the first year we’ve actually had a legit tree.”

Caruso understand the stigma that surrounds child actors, which is why she works tirelessly to separate herself from the rest. And she hopes others with similar aspirations do the same.

“It’s a lot of hard work to get to where you are,” she said. "I say if that’s what you want to do, go for it, and reach for the stars.”

Lazarus is playing through January 20th.


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