Howard sees domestic violence situation in the Bronx take troubling turn

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BRONX -- Last month I told you about Rasheta Daniel. She’s the Bronx woman who contacted me because she was scared death of her estranged husband, Donnel Bruns. After they separated Rasheta told me Donnel stalked her and popped up out of nowhere.

“It was crazy. My faced looked a…nobody would help. It was crazy! He stomped me! He punched me to the ground.”

Since our first story, there have been a couple of developments.  The NYPD picked up Donnel for alleged fraud.  Allegedly passing bad checks.  The NYPD tells me he’s still in custody.

But I received a very disturbing call from Rasheta’s friend, Keya Melton. Rasheta is missing.

She’d left her children with someone she could trust and fled the area to be safe from the violence. Keya spoke on the phone with Rasheta at the end of November and told me about it in a phone call.

HOWARD: “Did she seem like she was happy with the move?”

KEYA:  “She really was she was starting a new job she was happy she didn’t seem sad or depressed at all.”

Keya and other friends haven’t heard from Rasheta since.

HOWARD: “During her conversations prior to her disappearance, Keya, did she talk about her children?”

KEYA: "All the time! Her kids are her life that’s something we always spoke about.”

HOWARD: “So when she missed one of her children’s birthday’s that was, I guess, a red flag for you?”

KEYA: “Definitely.”

Rasheta’s friends have now filed missing person’s reports with the NYPD and with the authorities in the community where Rasheta moved.

If anyone out there knows of her whereabouts, please contact the police immediately or get in touch with me.

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