Exclusive: Man who testified against ex-chief James Burke attacked by alleged Burke sympathizers

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SUFFOLK COUNTY, N.Y. -- A man whose testimony led to a powerful former police chief being placed in federal lockup had said in the past that he'd feared the chief would be able to affect him, even behind bars.

Now, PIX11 has learned, the fears of that man, Christopher Loeb, 29, have come true -- he's been physically attacked this week, more than once.

The question now is what role, directly or indirectly, the chief, James Burke, had in those assaults.

On Monday, Loeb spoke in public for the first time since the torture he allegedly suffered at the hands of Chief Burke and other officers from the Suffolk County Police Department, three years ago.

"As far as me being scared of the SCPD," said Loeb at his news conference on Monday, "Yeah, I'm afraid."

Now, a variety of trusted PIX11 News sources who have been in contact with Loeb since Wednesday confirm that at least twice since Loeb spoke out on Monday, he's been physically attacked. After one of the attacks, he had to have outpatient surgery, according to sources.

At his Monday news conference, Loeb had spoken in detail about the alleged torture he'd endured the night of December 14, 2012. It happened after he'd been arrested for stealing a duffel bag out of Chief Burke's unmarked SUV.

The bag contained the chief's police gear, as well as, according to Loeb, under oath, sex toys and "nasty porn." Once Loeb was placed under arrest that night, according to testimony that witnesses gave to federal investigators, the chief oversaw a torturous beatdown.

"They chained me to the floor for 10 hours, they beat me, assaulted me," Loeb said on Monday, describing his ordeal. "I could barely lift my neck. That's how low I was to the ground.

"Every time I asked for a lawyer," Loeb continued, "I got punched, I got slapped, I got kicked."

Again, PIX11 News has learned that somebody has beaten Loeb again. This time, it was while he was walking near his home, sources tell PIX11 News. Whether or not it's somebody connected to Chief Burke is not yet clear.

However, when a federal judge ruled that Burke should get no bail after the chief's arrest last week on civil rights and conspiracy charges, the judge warned that Burke could wield extensive influence, both in custody and out.

Loeb, agrees, but, he said on Monday, he's trying to stay strong. "I'm scared, but I'm not running," he told reporters. "I'm working with federal prosecutors, I'm seeing this out to the end."

Calls made by PIX11 to attorneys for both Loeb and Burke, seeking comment, were not returned.