Tips for your safety while riding public transportation

Posted: 7:35 AM, Dec 16, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-16 10:37:58-05

On Monday, the NYPD reported that sexual assaults on the subway have gone up 20 percent since this same time last year, and even more troubling is that 699 were reported in the last five months.

Gabrielle Rubin, founder of who will give us some very important tips on staying safe on the subway or any other form of public transportation.


  • On the platform stand near the turnstiles and then when the train is arriving you can walk towards the front or back of the train at that point.
  • Get a monthly Metrocard or fill up your card when you are leaving the station...last thing you want is to have Insufficient Funds at the entrance that only has a turnstile.
  • Don't stand up until the doors open at your station. Most people advertise they are getting off next by standing up too soon (or ringing the bus wire).
  • Consolidate your bags, put your arm through the loop of your bag (don't just grip it), take your backpack off your shoulder.
  • Use the app Exit Strategy to show you which car and door line up right at your station's exit. No more walking down a long empty platform!