NYPD transit cops rescue man from subway tracks

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(Photo: NYPD)

From left to right, Lieutenant William Moore, Officer Richard Aponte and Officer Anthony Tufano saved a man who help onto the subway tracks in Times Square this evening. (Photo: NYPD)

TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan— A trio of NYPD transit cops rescued a man from the path of an incoming train Wednesday, police said.

The man plunged onto the tracks around 7p.m., which sent straphangers on the platform screaming for help.

The officers—assigned to Transit District 1—were wrapping up bag checks when they rushed to provide help.

Officer Richard Aponte used his flashlight to signal the conductor of the approaching train to slow down, police said.

Officer Anthony Tufano held onto Lieutenant William Moore as he reached down to the tracks and grabbed the man who had fallen down—saving him from certain doom.

The man told police he had no idea what caused him to fall onto the tracks.

He refused medical treatment and left the station.​