NYPD nabs security guard for peddling diamonds that were accidentally thrown out in trash

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MANHATTAN -- It is a diamond caper?

According to one jeweler, "it's kind of hard to believe."

Or just one costly oversight that transformed a security guard into a jewel thief in the eyes of the NYPD?

That someone, according to detectives out of the Major Case Squad, is a security guard who works in this building at Fifth Avenue and 47th Street, which sits on the perimeter of the diamond district. It all happened because of an alleged mistake by workers inside of a jewelry office.

What specifically took place? Well the workers accidentally threw away $5 million in diamonds.

"We were able to get video from inside that location and we saw that one of the workers there inadvertently took boxes of diamonds out and put it in the trash can," according to NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce.

Shortly thereafter, Chief Boyce adds that a security guard suddenly went from guarding diamonds to peddling them.

"Our perpetrator here, Wilfred Martinez, who works as a security guard there, came out of the elevator, saw that, identified the diamonds in it, took it out of the trash, he went into the bathroom, he put it into one box and left the location at that point. He then sold them to another dealer in the area for $68,000," Boyce said.

Additionally, since 47th Street just happens to be one of the most secured streets --- not only in the city, but anywhere --- it was all captured on surveillance.

Now most workers that PIX11 News approached in the jewelry district didn't want to talk about the diamond throwaway. However, we were able to speak with Natalie, who asked us not to show her face.

After more than 20 years in the district , she wasn't too taken aback by the story making the rounds, "Many things happen on this block."