Christmas ‘grinch’ steals 20 trees from Bedford–Stuyvesant nursery

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BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, Brooklyn -- It's the story of the "Grinch Who Stole Christmas" -- trees.

It happened at a Bed-Stuy nursery last week. But the owner says she's not letting it ruin her Christmas spirit.

Business at Seasons Nursery is rooted in two seasons.

"In this industry you really only have two times of year to make your money. May and June, and December," said owner Deborah Young. "What you make in May and June carries you through to December. What you make in December carries you through to May and June."

So when a thief took 20 trees from her lot right in the middle of the Christmas crunch, naturally she was upset.

"I mean I cried, yeah."

But Young grew up in "Do-or-Die" Bed-Stuy so she wasn't about to let one Scrooge ruin Christmas. She contacted one of her vendors and restocked the the nursery with some of the finest firs and superb spruces.

"We keep moving. We keep doing. And that's why this community is and always has been so strong."

Neighbors noticed. Since the robbery, Young says people have rallied around the nursery like elves around Santa's workshop.

"I had a family that bought a tree and a wreath a week ago, and came in this week and said I heard what happened. I already bought my tree and wreath from you, but I want to buy another wreath from you just to support you."

As for the holiday henchmen, Young says she'd rather focus on the positive and let the police focus on the crooks.

"For whatever reason the negativity comes, we ain't going to let it win."

Young says she's asking her customers and anyone who might see this story to remember that giving should be the focus of the season.

She says if we all take a little bit of our time to share our blessings this holiday season, maybe people wouldn't need to take desperate measures, like robbing Christmas trees from a nursery.

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