Cuomo: Trump could be recruitment poster for ISIL

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BROOKLYN — Governor Andrew Cuomo went on the attack Monday morning in front of live national television audience and directed his words at GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump could be a recruitment poster for ISIL, because he is fanning the flames of hate," Cuomo said. The governor's remarks came on the eve of Tuesday night's GOP debate in Las Vegas.

A more vocal and spirited Cuomo appeared at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Brooklyn later in the morning.

"You're going to keep the Syrians out. You're going to keep the Mexicans out.  This is our land.  By the way, who are your that this is our land? Who are you?" Cuomo said at the conference.

While the Governor did not mention Trump by name at the conference, he was clearly targeting the Manhattan real estate mogul and other Republicans who have opposed immigration in its current state

"When you attack immigration, you attack the founding premise of our nation and that is the very soul of America," Cuomo said.

Cuomo brought awareness to the fact that New York is the state that gave birth to mass immigration rather than denying access to the American Dream.

"We are going to build walls and we are going to keep people out and we are going to close the gate and your problems are going to be over.  We say, the exact opposite. We say we believe in the American Dream. This state is the laboratory of the American experiment in democracy."

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