Arnold helps apply pressure to help woman get money back from realtor

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BROOKLYN — Nine months ago, PIX11 first reported on Desmond Grenardo.

He is the managing director of Eclipse Funding and D&S Home Improvement on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. We’d been contacted by Valma Smith, who had given Grenardo a total of $5,150  to help her find a home to buy, but she said he did not provide the assistance he promised.  That’s when she called PIX11 for help.

We first went to his office in April, 2015, where he admitted that he had promised to refund her money. “But I tell her she gotta wait until we get some extra money to give back.”, Grenardo said. Valma said he’d been promising to return her money for over two years.  When would he make good on that promise?  “By the end of next month,” he told me, but not all of it. We’ll give about half.

But that never happened. The following month, he said he’d give Valma 75 percent of what he owed by the end of May, Again, she got nothing.  In June Grenardo did give Valma $1500 in cash and a promissory note that he’d refund the remaining $3650 by the end of July.  Unfortunately, she got nothing more.

So last week I returned with Valma Smith to Grenardo’s office, hoping to persuade him to finally pay what he owes. But he wasn’t in his office. We reached him by phone. He told me “I have problems with my operation.”

However, he said things were looking up. “I got something coming through. I will send it to your office by certified check”, he told me.

Grenardo said he’d have the money to give Valma by Christmas.  Her reaction? “I think he’s lying”.

She said she would like to sue him in court, but she can’t afford an attorney. We’ll keep you posted.

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