Amazon removes hoverboards from site pending safety review

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Amazon is pulling some hoverboards from its site after numerous reports of fires caused by the popular gadget caused a safety concern.

Links to Swagway, a major seller of hoverboards, and other companies have been removed from Amazon's site, Best Reviews first reported.

"Amazon just sent out a notice to all 'hoverboard' sellers to 'provide documentation demonstrating that all hoverboards you list are compliant with applicable safety standards, including UN 38.3 (battery), UL 1642 (battery), and UL 60950-1 (charger),'" a spokesperson for Swagway said in a statement to The Verge.

The Chappaqua Fire Department is warning residents not to leave the devices charging when leaving the house. (Chappaqua Fire Department)

The Chappaqua Fire Department is warning residents not to leave the devices charging when leaving the house. (Chappaqua Fire Department)

This comes after at least 10 hoverboard-related fires were reported in recent weeks, according to The Verge. In early December, a hoverboard burst into flames while it was charging inside a Westchester home — Swagway was identified as the brand.

"As safety is always on the forefront for Swagway, we're glad that this is taking place, especially in light of recent concerns with the fires with the poor quality batteries," Swagway said in the statement.

Customers can still purchase a hoverboard made by Razor and Jetson.

As more reports of the safety issue hoverboards pose, many parents and families are taking the "hottest gadget of 2015" off their holiday shopping list.

"Not since I hear about the fire, but I think they're a great option for wide open spaces if they can keep the safety factor to what it should be," Jo Ellen Knie told PIX11 News.

One Ohio mom found her son's hoverboard charger smoking, a major cause of the fires.

"They really do have a problem and to just rethink getting one for Christmas," mother Lisa Havlin said.

Amazon isn't the first online retailer removing the popular tech gadget. announced earlier this week that it will stop selling hoverboards on its site effective immediately. The online retailer said it is removing them as a safety precaution.

“Customer safety is always our top priority,” General Counsel and Senior Vice President Mitch Edwards said.

Hoverboards have also been prohibited on multiple airlines and cities.

Delta, American, and United airlines banned hoverboards on planes this past week because they pose as a fire danger.

The NYPD said in November that anyone caught using one of these self-balancing scooters in the streets of New York can receive a $200 fine.

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