‘It’s a sensitive issue’: Ohio middle school students allowed to opt out of Islam lesson

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WAPAKONETA, OH – In the wake of terror attacks in San Bernardino and Paris, students at an Ohio middle school are being allowed to opt out of a class on Islam.

Keith Horner, superintendent of the Wapakoneta School District.

Keith Horner, superintendent of the Wapakoneta School District.

Wapakoneta Superintendent Keith Horner called it “normal policy” and backed a 7th grade social studies teacher who is allowing parents to pull their children out of the studies on Muslims, according to YourNewsNow.

“We recognize that it’s a sensitive issue for parents,” Horner said.  “So we want to respect that point of view.”

Horner said the lesson on Islam is a “small part” of the state social studies curriculum, according to Buzzfeed.  The lesson focuses on “achievements in medicine, science, mathematics and geography by the Islamic civilization that dominated most of the Mediterranean after the decline of the Roman Empire.”

Wapakoneta School District, home of the Redskins, has come under fire on social media after news of the decision spread.

“Is this the plan ? Islam deserves to be taught just as much as any other religion. Your middle school’s phobia is pathetic,” tweeted one person.

“You know what will tooootally stop xenophobia and racism? Less education!” commented another user.

Neither Superintendent Horner nor the president of the board of education returned calls for comment.

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