Howard sees justice delayed

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So remember the little saga of my hunt for Carmine Alessandro? He’s the Yonkers real estate guy who was supposed to be getting a mortgage for Rolando Velazquez. Rolando is a hard working accountant…a straight up guy who now finds himself trying to get back the $4,290 escrow funds he gave Alessandro.

(A quick footnote: Last time we mistakenly said the amount at issue was $4,900. It is actually $4,290).

So Rolando and I went all over the Bronx and Westchester trying to find Alessandro. The big surprise came when he walked into his business a few minutes after we arrived looking for him.

We heard quite a saga. He claims he incurred expenses but ultimately told us Rolando had nothing to worry about. He’d get either a mortgage on the property he wanted to buy or a refund. But not yet, because Rolando was taking him to court.

So on Dec. 9, Rolando had his day in court. Alessandro’s lawyer asked Rolando if he’d take less than $4,290. No way. Why should he?

But guess who never showed up — Carmine Alessandro.

His lawyer said Carmine had to go to funeral and asked for an adjournment. Now, Rolando has more delay and will lose more time from work because he has to go back to court in March.

“He’s just playing game,” Rolando told PIX11 News. “I thought the judge would ask (for proof) that he was at a funeral but I guess everybody gets an adjournment.”

So Rolando will have to wait for his day in court. Unless, of course, in the meantime Carmine Alessandro decides to give him his full refund.

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