NYC subway ridership breaks another record

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NEW YORK -- On Thursday, Oct. 29 of this year, a record-breaking number of customers swiped their MetroCards and took a ride on the New York City Subway.

6,217,621 to be exact.

The MTA released preliminary numbers in advance of the December board meeting. Statistics show the system carried 50,000 more customers that day than the previous peak in October 2014. About 80,000 more customers rode the subway on an average October 2015 weekday than in 2014.

That's enough to fill more than 50 fully-loaded subway trains.

“The relentless growth in subway ridership shows how this century-old network is critical to New York’s future,” said MTA Chairman and CEO Thomas F. Prendergast. “Our challenge is to maintain and improve the subways even as growing ridership puts more demands on the system. We are doing it thanks to the MTA Capital Program, which will allow us to bring meaningful improvements to our customers, such as real time arrival information on the lettered subway lines, cleaner and brighter stations with new technology like Help Points, modern signal systems, and almost 1,000 new subway cars.”

This new record was 1 of 5 record-breaking days in October 2015. Ridership has exceeded 6 million swipes on 15 weekdays this year. Records have been kept since 1985, but the MTA believes the new record is the highest since the late 1940s.

Regular riders of the system know how busy it is. Click here for a ride-along on busy trains with PIX11's Greg Mocker.

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