Holiday shoppers wear shorts amid unseasonably warm December in New York

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NEW YORK – With bells ringing and music filling the air, it may sound like Christmas, but this is the time of year it's supposed to be beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

With temperatures in the sixties, would-be shoppers were in shorts on 86th Street as they went from store to store Thursday.

"It's like Miami here right now, it's great," said Bob Rizzo.

"I like this weather because there's like no snow," said his daughter Kaitlyn.

The only flakes to be found were in the form of holiday lights hanging above the street. A bit of a disappointment for shopper Carrie Gibson, visiting from Oklahoma.

"You would have snow, but it's usually ice. Not really snow," said Gibson.  "So I was expecting digging out like I saw on CNN, but it's not happening."

"I think it's actually colder there right now."

But Rizzo says he welcomes the warmer weather because, for him, it means less work.

"As long as I don't have to shovel, that's the most important thing," he said.

Even with just 14 shopping days left until Christmas it was so warm Thursday that the only ones really bundled up on 86th street were the mannequins in the store displays.

"I looked at scarves this morning, and I said hopefully I get to wear one," said Gibson.  "So, I'm trying to pick out one that I really like."

​"People are still buying short sleeve shirts because of the weather," said Rizzo.  "They think it's going to last like this forever, but believe me, by the end of December, it will be freezing again."

At least then, there might be even bigger discounts on the left-over inventory.

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