New mobile app Zwivel helps locate plastic surgeons

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NEW JERSEY -- It’s been called the Uber of plastic surgery.

Paramus, New Jersey’s Dr. Gary Breslow created the Zwivel mobile app to help connect patients and surgeons electronically.

“I say it’s like for plastic surgeons and patients,” Dr. Breslow explained. “You still want to go out on the date you just want to know whether or not the date is worth going out on. You still have to go for the consultation this is just figuring out if the consultation is worth having.”

With Zwivel, users log on and upload photos and videos. Doctors can respond with expert opinions and price quotes. The app also lets users finance cosmetic procedures.

“It’s all HIPPA complaint, it’s all private secure,” Breslow says. All doctors listed in the app are Board Certified.

Internist Dr. Nancy Simpkins points out, Board Certification is a great first step however, “the most important thing when picking a plastic surgeon is not whether or not you like the person or whether or not you think the person is the cheapest or most expensive, it has to do with whether or not the person has the training for the part of the body that you’re going to be working on and they’ve done multiple procedures like the one you want to have done.”

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