New Internet plug-in protects kids from learning about Santa

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NEW YORK – The internet tends to ruin a lot of things for us – and that even includes the magic of the holidays and Santa Claus.

Because, kids, he knows when you are sleeping, and awake . . . and when you are Googling things you aren't supposed to be Googling.

Now there's a special campaign to help keep the magic alive a little bit longer. It's called "Keep Believing In Santa" that conceals any online info or search that would lead kids to find out anything about Santa that they're not supposed to.

It works along with the very kid-unfriendly network provider name called "Hide My Ass."

If a child were to Google "Is Santa Real?" or any variation of the question in Chrome or Firefox – it'll instantly redirect curious Johnny or Jane to a page with a very concerned Santa pointing at them.

It'll also recognize and block Santa-related keywords in social media posts on Twitter and other websites.

The company says it conducted a study that showed 13 percent of parents with kids born between 1983 and 2013 said the Internet was to blame for their kids disbelief in Kris Kringle. And that by the age of 7 kids stopped believing.

 Though the plug-in can't protect them from older siblings or nasty classmates, at least it'll give them the opportunity to  live like "Buddy the Elf" a little bit longer.

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