New food carts will offer eco-friendly engines, credit card service and more

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When you walk down the streets of New York, you are met with all kinds of sights, smells and sounds.

Some are louder than others: like the generators that are blaring from the nearly 6,000 food carts that line the City's streets.

Although we may all love that dirty water dog or giant pretzel, some carts are old, dirty and are kicking out large amounts of pollution because of how they are run.

"They are all kicking out large numbers of emissions," says James Meeks, CEO of MOVE Systems." The diesel generators and propane use is equivalent to 200 cars."

In other words, they are just bad for the environment. But Meeks is looking to change all that: MOVE systems has created a new kind of cart that runs off natural gas and battery power, not gasoline-fueled generators. They also have a solar panel on top for some natural energy sources.

The carts are currently in production right now, but 100 of them will be given out completely free to veterans.

"We want to focus on veterans," says Meeks. "I myself am a veteran, and when I came back from Iraq, I noticed a number of my compatriots struggling to find out what they were going to do when they got out the military."

So, parked right across from Battery Park in Lower Manhattan is Boots Whitlock, and yes, Boots is his real name.

"My mom wanted me to grow up strong," says Boots.

Boots has set up the "Foodie Cart" where he works alongside his wife of eleven years. Since he is a lover of German food, his speciality is bratwurst on a challah roll.

The carts will all accept credit cards, making them the first street carts to have a feed that take both cash and credit.

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