A look at the lives of Syrian refugees living in New York City

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NEW YORK — It resembles a scene likely playing out in millions of living rooms across America in 2015.

Father and son, bonding on the couch, smartphones in hand. But this is a new tradition for Abdullah Ferdous, a Syrian immigrant living in Brooklyn with his wife and two young children.

We chose not to share where Abdullah lives, out of concern for his family’s safety.

Syrian Muslims who we’ve tried to interview on several occasions for other stories, absolutely refuse to go on camera out of fear they might be persecuted because of their religion.

Abdullah says he’s well aware of Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim non-US citizens entering the country.

That’s why Abdullah’s decision to allow Mayor Bill de Blasio to showcase his family on his official Facebook page is worth reporting.

Black and white professional photos depict this Muslim family at work.

“This is what the life of Syrian war refugees living in NYC really looks like,” Mayor Bill de Blasio wrote in a post.

Their goal is to drive home the point that while ISIS terrorists are doing everything in their power to bind themselves with Islam, ordinary Muslims like Abdullah refuse to be associated with the terrorists.

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