Wal-Mart says woman’s video about heartbreaking experience is a hoax

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PUEBLO, Colo —  Wal-Mart officials say a Colorado woman’s heartbreaking Facebook post about her experience shopping in one of their locations is a hoax.

Facebook user Paige Yore said she was at the store waiting in line for about 20 minutes when she witnessed a young cashier having a hard time. As she stood there irritated, a woman began yelling at the young man.

“You suck at customer service. I don’t know how you ever got hired here,” the customer said.

After the woman attempted to pay for her purchase, her card was declined. According to Yore, the woman started yelling at the worker as if it was his fault.

Yore claims the young cashier began crying in the bagging area and told her that his mother had committed suicide that morning.

“This woman is yelling at me and I don’t even have a mom anymore,” the young man said, according to Yore.

A Wal-Mart media relations representative denounced the video saying it’s not true.

The representative told KRDO that they had spoken with the cashier and that his mother is alive.

They also said they reviewed surveillance video and found no evidence of yelling or hugging. There allegedly was tension between the cashier and the customer in front of Yore due to a language barrier.

Yore has not responded to Wal-Mart’s claims as of Monday afternoon.